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3 Cool attractions in Australia

:A Nature Attraction:


Uluru also named Ayers rock stands 348 metres tall and is made out of sandstone. It is located in the Northern Territory, Kata -Tjuta National Park. The rock was created over 600 million years ago. The Uluru Base walk is a 10km walk on a dirt path and can be completed around 3.5 hours and rises 863 metres above sea level.




:A Local Attraction:

Big Banana

The Big Banana is a place in Coffs with all different activities one is the water park that use to have blow up water slides but it has recently been updated so it now has plastic ones that are really fun. It also has a new park in the middle of it. It was built in 1964. Its received more than 150,000 visitors. Other attractions in the big banana are Laser tag, Mini golf, Tobogganing and ice skating.

:A Attraction I’ve Been To:

Matildas Goldmine

Matildas Goldmine is a mine that use to be ran by a lady called Matilda in the 1900s. This place is very special to me because my great x6 grandmother was Matilda. I’ve only been there once but it was very nice because its in the forest it about a twenty minute drive on matildas road in Nana glen. When your driving you can see slips in trees because in the olden days the didn’t have chainsaws or machines so they put slips in the trees to stand on so the could cut down the trees at a certain spot.

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