October 8

Goodbye Until September or October

Favourite Challenge/Task: My favourite Task/Challenge would probably be 3 Australian attractions and Name aliens because they were so fun to write, research and make.

Regularity: I usually do blogging on Wednesday and sometimes in the afternoon to check out other peoples blogs.

Things I liked: I liked absolutely everything because blogging and technology is the best and I liked talking to people over seas.

Grammar: I think most of the time my grammar was quite descent in nearly every blog I have a subject, object and verb (S.O.V).

I cant wait till the next student blogging challenge because its one of the best things I’ve done with blogging.

October 8

Boambee Bay Reserve Excursion 4-6

On the 14th of September years 4 to 6 went to Boambee bay reserve and walk along the head land and then walk down to the reserve and had a walk. When we got back from the walk we went on another walk up to were the river meets the sea and it stunk like rotten egg because of some natural gasses released by the river. when we got back from that walk we drew maps of where we had been and then we had hot chips and the person who brought the chips had a parrot on her shoulder. after that we had a play and then came back to school.